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The creative journey has never been cookie cutter. It has never been straight and narrow. It will never be one size fits all. It is unique and scary and naked and you will, if you are brave enough, take the path less traveled. And we promise it will make all the difference in the world. It is Robert Frost and Sylvia Plath and Sally Mann and Jill Greenberg. It is raw and honest and minimalist and bare boned. It is more than just the clicking of a shutter or the writing of the pen. It is your soul, being honest with who you are and what you stand for. We are here. This is the new wave of education. Wherever you are on your creative journey, this is your rebirth. This is your chance. This is your now.

Unraveled is an unconventional, unique school for whole photographer offering monthly and annual subscriptions, in which a monthly guest instructor will be sharing their creative journey and teaching specific topics.

In addition to our school, Unraveled founders Coleen Hodges and Sarah Driscoll teach an exclusive, quarterly, three-week workshop that offers a personal online experience where you foster all aspects of your creative life. Throughout the duration of the workshop, Coleen and Sarah will walk with you hand in hand to help you evolve your voice, find balance, and effectively live the creative life of your dreams. Our goal is to bring the powerful energy of an in-person workshop right into the heart of this online experience, leaving you feeling connected and inspired. Unraveled welcomes all artists, regardless of skill level.

About the School

The School is separate from The Workshop and is for long-term continuing education. We will be hosting a monthly guest instructor who will be sharing their creative journey and teaching specific topics. In addition to the monthly guest instructors, we will be hosting weekly mini-lectures, taught by different amazing creatives! Our instructors are some of the best in the industry and we LOVE that we can share their amazing insight with all of you! We also have a closed Facebook group available to all of our students for continued learning and community! The tuition for The School is only $10/month or $100 for the entire year, after which there are NO additional fees. All courses and materials are to be accessed here on our website. There will be new material each month, and you will have long-term access to all of the previous courses, as well. Wherever you are on your creative journey, you have found a home with us.


  • School enrollment and curriculum is completely separate from the workshop.
  • Every month, a new guest instructor will teach a course.
  • Each week, a new guest instructor will teach a Mini-Lecture on a specific topic.
  • The school will run year-round.
  • Live Q&As will be held once a month by each instructor and will be recorded and uploaded for anyone that cannot attend.
  • Students receive discounts for presets at our store.

Guest Instructor Lineup

*Click on each instructor's name to see more of their amazing work!*

July 2017:

Lindsay Colleen Saunders

Old World Art Techniques in Photography

Lindsay will be focusing her lesson on “old world” art techniques that translate from her painting and drawing into photography. Since there are so many different “rules” and techniques to art, she will be honing in primarily on chiaroscuro techniques in photography. In her tutorial, Lindsay will explain, in depth, why chiaroscuro techniques that Rembrandt and De La Tour used, work so well in photography, and how to achieve the look while in both a candid and created setting.

Mini Lectures:

Anita Cline: The Art Of Freelensing.

Ace Fanning: Creative Shoots.

August 2017:

Adri De La Cruz

Finding Connection Between Light and Shadows

Adri will be guiding students on how to find the connection between light and shadows in order to better showcase the narrative of your images. She will also be instructing on shooting a hybrid portfolio full of documentary + lifestyle images, as well as touching upon the the importance of personal photography projects for growth in your work.

Mini Lectures:

Kirenia Pollina: Lightroom, organization and file storage + tips/tricks.

Ben Sasso +Katch Silva: Van Life Together on the Road: Our Creative Journey.

Follow the creative couple @sheepfeet on Instagram.

Sophie Jane: Lesson TBD

Jacob Loafman: The Art Of Double Exposures.

September 2017:

Kevin Lowery

Intimate Male Portraiture

When Kevin Lowery started shooting intimate male portraiture, he quickly realized the difficulties of photographing men; we live in a culture that rewards men for being closely guarded and for putting up hyper-masculine facades. For many guys, it’s difficult to be vulnerable. For the photographer, the real challenge is going beyond the posing to really capture who they are - their personality, their hopes and dreams, their passions, and their fears. In this class, you’ll follow Kevin through the journey he takes in every session to find vulnerability in each photo and to truly capture each male subject for who they truly are. Along the way, you’ll also cover lighting, posing, and how to continue breaking boundaries in intimate male portraiture.

Mini Lectures:

Kerlyn Van Gelder: Lesson TBD

October 2017:

Courtney Holmes

Creating Family Films & Using Films to Promote Your Business.

November 2017:

Jayme Ford - Lesson TBD

Joy Prouty - Lesson TBD

December 2017:

Ginger Unzueta - Lesson TBD

January 2018:

Jessica Rasmussen: Self Portraiture

February 2018:

Twyla Jones - Lesson TBD

March 2018:

Alex James: Inspirational Storytelling & The Balance Between Creative Living and Personal Relationships.

April 2018:

Jodi Lynn Buckles - Lesson TBD

May 2018:

Danielle Hatcher - Lesson TBD

June 2018:

Jennifer Lawrence: Lesson TBD

Ashley Crawford:Lesson TBD

July 2018:

Ace Fanning: Shooting in Full Sun.

August 2018:

Kala Rath: Femininity and Beauty of Motherhood.

Kala's course will highlight the femininity and beauty of motherhood through the use of composition, light, posing, styling and post processing. Whether you're a seasoned professional, or newly entering into the field or the genre of motherhood photography, this course will provide a fresh perspective to change the way you approach your next session.

Upcoming Classes

Everything You Need To Know About the UnRaveled School!
Coleen Hodges & Sarah Driscoll
Introduce Yourself + Connect With Other Students!
This is a safe space to engage with your peers!!!
Coleen Hodges & Sarah Driscoll
Editing Videos: NOW LIVE!
Learn How These Amazing Artists Edit!
Coleen Hodges & Sarah Driscoll
July 2017: Lindsay Colleen Saunders: This Course Is LIVE!
Classical Art and Photography
Lindsay Colleen Saunders
The Art of Freelensing With Anita Cline: This Course Is LIVE!
30 Minute LIVE Q&A With Anita About Freelensing: July 21st
Ace Fanning on Creative Shoots: This Course Is LIVE!
August 2017: Adri De La Cruz. This Course Is LIVE!
Finding Connection Between Light and Shadows
Post Process With Sophie Jane: This Course Is LIVE!!
Making Magic In Lightroom and Photoshop.
Katch Silva + Ben Sasso: This Interview Is Now LIVE!
Katch Silva + Ben Sasso
Managing Lightroom with Kirenia Pollina. This Course is live!
Kirenia will be teaching us her Lightroom Tips and Tricks! Starting August 18th!
Kirenia Pollina
Karen Osdieck: Powerful Composition. This Course Goes LIVE August 25th!
September 2017: Kevin Lowery. This Course Goes Live September 1st!
Intimate Male Portraiture
Kevin Lowery
Kerlyn Van Gelder- This Course Goes Live September 8th!
Emotional Storytelling + Editing
Casey Wiegand. This Course Goes LIVE August 28th at 9am PST!
Casey Wiegand on Creative Living, Wellness & Branding.

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